[Infographic] The Social Media Implementation Checklist

Over and over, we see brands launch their social programs with great abandon, only to fizzle out in frustration a few weeks later. Why? In most cases, they simply underestimated the people and processes they’d need to have in place to make social marketing sustainable.

The Social Media Implementation Checklist Infographic will show you the hidden infrastructure that needs to be in place before launching a sustainable (and successful) social marketing program. Whether you’re just thinking about launching your brand on social media or you’ve already been doing it for some time, this checklist will help ensure you’ve got your bases covered.

To download a printable condensed version of this checklist Click Here.

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The Social Media Implementation Checklist – An infographic by the team at Maximize Social Media




About Jared Bennett

Jared Bennett is the Art Director for Maximize Social Media, LLC, one of the nation's leading providers of social media and digital marketing services to mid-size brands. Jared brings with him years of talent and experience in the world of branding, traditional and digital advertising, as well as company management.
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